TEDxDIT Talks 2019 - Ripples

 Vijay Pravin Maharajan 

Little things that make a big difference

 Milsy Liebezeit 

What a simple gesture, what a smile can do!



Ivonne Petit 

We all can be Influencers about the climate change


Alejandra Mahiques

Slow Online journalism: good news from the grey zone


Natalia Talkowska

Don’t underestimate the ripple effect of what you do

Amina Agovic

Drawing peace inside-out

Francisco J. Cabrera

The power to choose for yourself

Ralf Schaberg

What water taught me

Savannah Saunders

How to overcome the greatest obstacles
you’ve ever going to face

TEDxDIT Talks 2018 - Shaping the Future

Clemens Graf von Hoyos

Networking – the key to a successful business life

Federica Rubartelli

Individual responsibility for the whole

Michael Plentinger

Future of work – how to close the gender gap

Marc Philipp Dietrich

Eye tracking by brainwaves

Alejandro de Cabo Garcia

Prediction of Mars meteorological variable

Dennis Wittrock

Holacracy – work for grown ups

Dominik Fischer

Mind of the machine – artificial intelligence

Jack Romero

Human capital vs. Artificial intelligence – let the battle begin

Johnny Cecotto

Racing through life

Natalia Talkowska

Create your future

TEDxDIT Talks 2016 - Transcendency

David Packer

Conscious Politics


Theodore Josiha Haig

We must not Ignore the next generation

Lisa Mallory

Immersion and its Impact on lives

Johannes Hahn

Make Data do more for you

Melanie Spreeberg

The role of education in integration policy

Lorena Puica

The you mariual

Christian Zich

Do websites really sell?

Shalva Akhrakhadze

Finance needs more marketing

Sinja Anna Baumann

Why Meditation

Natalia Talkowska

How to be less ordinary